March 19, 2024

Sales Coaching


You must look good

in the shower until the

numbers come in.










Sam and Jack are salespersons who have fallen short of achieving their sales quota for the past two quarters. Mary is their sales manager. She reports to the vice president of operations, who reports to the president of the company. The company has financial targets they need to achieve every month to keep the lights on, buy materials, meet payroll, and grow.

Revenues have been down, and forecasts have not proven accurate when compared to actuals. A lack of confidence in the forecasts is now a reality. The VP of operations is under pressure to show what is going to change to impact a momentum shift to planned profitability.

Profitable revenue generation is the responsibility of sales departments and salespeople. It does not matter how well a business runs if new business is not coming in. Now Mary is under pressure to explain what she is going to do differently or what changes she is going to make. She must look closely at all her salespeople. A couple are continuing to meet or exceed their objectives, and there are those that are falling short. She must make judgements by reviewing their sales pipelines and activities to determine where they need help and if they are going to be able to turn their individual businesses around. If not, she is going to have to replace those where there is no confidence.

There were high hopes and expectations when Sam joined the sales team. Everybody understood that it will take some time for him to get up-to-speed and drive regular results. Jack has achieved his quotas in the past, but he is trending in the wrong direction. Their actual sales results are virtually identical in dollars, with Jack experiencing a lower percentage of quota.

Mary is doing a detailed review of performance metrics looking over the past 18 months and what is forecast for the remainder of the quarter and year. She is also looking into activity reports related to sales calls and follow-ups. Mary can see that Sam is working very hard, making calls, and recording his activities. However, he has yet to close business often enough to achieve his quota. She needs to make a decision and defend it.








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BeenThere Consulting Services, LLC

BeenThere Consulting Services is a sales coaching company. Coaching is more than training. We work with your specific sales needs in real-time. We address what is impacting your business now, while creating enhanced processes and developing skills for future success. Our promise is that you will have actionable take-a-ways after each meeting, which will increase your sales and benefit your business overall.

No one program fits every need. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs
of those who want to improve their sales.

  • One-to-one coaching: Custom programs designed to meet client’s needs.
  • BeenThere Sales Coaching Hour: Group Coaching focused on specific topics and skills development.
  •  BeenThere/SoldThat Mastermind SB: High-end group coaching for small business owners, where members work together to solve problems for themselves and others.

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