April 12, 2023


BeenThere Consulting Services
Achievant Business Coaching

April 12, 2023

BeenThere Consulting Services partners with Achievant Business Coaching
Offering coaching services from business planning to revenue generation.

Howard County, MD. BeenThere Consulting Services and Achievant Business
Coaching announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic

The agreement brings together complimentary business coaching practices for the
benefit of their business clients, by allowing them to have a fully coordinated plan from
the front office to the implementation of sales plans specifically designed to meet and
exceed the goals identified in their client’s business plans. BeenThere Consulting
Services is a Sales Coaching business and Achievant Business Coaching is a Business
Coaching business.

“Phil Whitebloom, President of BeenThere Consulting Service,” said, “I could not be
happier. Our two companies share a common passion to do everything we can to help
our clients to be successful. Working together, following an integrated plan, accelerates
our client’s measurable results, from prospects to profits.”

“Brianna Hendley, Owner of Achievant Business Coaching,” said, “This partnership will
enable us to truly help our clients with bite-sized actionable steps where they can
quickly learn sales skills and techniques with immediate results. The planning helps you
know where you’re going, the skills turn those plans into reality!”

About BeenThere Consulting Services
BTCS is a Sales Coaching business to help companies create, and implement sales
structure and plans to maximize their sales, revenues, and profits. This is accomplished
by coaching in real-time and in the moment, allowing for near-term sales while building
for the long-term.

Phil Whitebloom
(240) 305-7149

About Achievant Business Coaching
Achievant Business Coaching provides the GPS to your business success by giving you
back time while increasing your profits. This is accomplished by providing tools and
systems to solve the problems in your business and define the actions to take that will
create the results you desire.

Brianna Hendley