Startups, Small, and Medium Size Businesses

There are many businesses in these categories where expertise, planning, and execution went into the products and services offered, setting up the infrastructure for the business, hiring, accounting, and marketing. Experience has shown that the same levels of expertise focused on selling and planning can be lacking or, in some cases, non-existent. We are prepared to help these companies design their sales organization and create compensation programs that are motivational for the salespeople while being affordable for the company.

We coach and train salespeople in real-time and even go out on sales calls with them to better learn their business and observe them in action. For many of our clients, this coaching takes place once a week, and for others, once per month. We focus on coaching how to get in the door, uncovering needs, handling objections, building to the close, and closing sales. We review what has happened today and since the last meeting. We role-play for upcoming scenarios, set goals, measure results, and set action items for today leading to the next meeting, where the process repeats itself. Embedded in all of this is in-depth sales training that is relevant to creating, evolving, and closing business now while at the same time developing long-term skills. After all, your business does not want to wait months or longer for results. That is why we concentrate on “in the moment” and build for the long term.

Large Businesses

All the same benefits as above are available to large businesses. In addition, sales and leadership workshops are created to focus on specific areas related to the particular needs of the corporation or certain departments. Sales and people management coaching is available for managers who supervise other people. The focus is on how to listen to the needs of your team members, advocate for them, and coach them through issues. The best managers retain the best people. In large businesses, sales managers rarely have the time necessary to effectively train new salespeople on the nuances of the process to be successful. We are available to supplement in-house training with real-time coaching designed to shorten the time to revenue for those new to your team.

Non-profits, Organizations, and Government

While some businesses are driven by the desire to generate profits and increase shareholder value, others have a greater ambition: creating an impact that is mission-focused. Regardless, their needs for successfully selling are paramount for accomplishing their objectives and having the resources available to serve those they support. Fundraising, volunteer solicitation, and competing for limited resources require effective sales skills to be successful. Presentation capabilities are key in order to make an impact. The same skills that are needed to be successful in the for-profit world are necessary in the non-profit world. We have experience in these areas and an understanding of the environment. We are prepared to coach you to obtain what you need to take your organization to the highest level.