December 18, 2023


In sales, it’s What sets you apart from part from your competitors. To a business coach, we call this a unique selling proposition or USP.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re good at doing, what you want to be known for, and the guarantees you provide for your products and your services. It should be something based on your core values: speed, quality, freshness, etc. You can point back to your core values and it be evident to everyone who interacts with your company.

During the sales process, you use differentiation to set you (as a salesperson) apart from others who sell the same service. It’s up to the salesperson to ask questions and learn about someone’s business.

As always, Phil asks the right questions at the right time: what did you like about what we talked about? What resonated with you? Why is this important to you? THAT is differentiation, asking the potential client what they liked and digging a little deeper. It becomes a tangible differentiator so the salesperson can tailor their presentation to the potential client. Makes perfect, logical sense!

The outcome? You are building desire! This is getting you one step closer to your sale!
Then ONE more differentiator…listen to the podcast to hear how you close the sale!

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