October 7, 2023

Phil and Brianna discuss what happens when marketing is not aligned with sales, supply chain, and service resources. Although it sounds like this podcast will be negative, it is full of tips on how to ensure that when you implement a campaign, it can fulfill its promises to the target customers. In the world of small and medium-sized businesses, it is not unusual for one person to have multiple responsibilities. In some cases, the owner could be doing everything. This makes it particularly challenging simply from time and energy perspectives to think through and prepare for all the necessary steps to be planned and implemented for campaign design, goals, launch, follow-up, and fulfillment. In an environment where the business does have the benefit of individuals responsible for marketing, sales, production, etc., are they in sync? Is everything ready for what happens when the marketing campaign drives many leads and inquiries? Listen to this podcast to learn what happens to those who are not prepared and those who are prepared.

Join us as we share our experience and experiences designed to give you takeaways that could be implemented immediately into your business.

Brianna Hendley, Founder of Achievant | www.achievantcoaching.com

Phil Whitebloom, Founder of Been There Consulting Services | | www.beentherecs.com