March 26, 2024

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Not long ago, I purchased $60,000 worth of windows for my home. The salesperson did a very good job explaining everything and answering my questions. Good enough that I gave him an order. After that the project manager came to my home to take measurements and make recommendations. He also did a good job. The installation was flawless. I am very happy with the results. I never heard from the salesperson again. For years since, I have needed to replace doors. I have put other needs ahead of the doors. Could it be because I never had any satisfaction follow-up from the salesperson, or have a call asking the question, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

For decades, I worked with government contractors for compete, sell, and install complex technical systems for U.S. government agencies. In some cases, the selling process took years from first contact to receiving an order. Upon receiving the award (order), the salesperson was never seen again, and project management took over. How many upsells have been missed? How is that relationship going that will make it very difficult for aggressive competitors to replace you? When those decision makers move to other government jobs, will they call who? They don’t even remember that salesperson’s name.

While working as a salesperson in Sony’s government sales group during the Ronald Reagan administration, I was assigned the White House as my account. The White House was unhappy with the sales support they had been receiving from Sony and they let me know it. I will shorten the long story. This department was done doing business with us unless there was no other option. I stayed with them. In fact, I called or visited them almost every week for a while. They eventually gave me a $11,000 order. It was a major win considering the condition of the relationship. I continued to support by being there with ideas that I thought would help them, to check on the quality status of our installations, and through many situations spanning the administrations of the next five Presidents. During that time, I had gone from a salesperson to vice president of government sales not only in Sony, but for all the companies I was part of afterwards. In all, I and my salespeople sold more than $7,000,000 to the White House over those years. Regardless of my position, I stayed in contact. Because of this relationship, the number of referrals I received for other government agencies and contractors is more than I can remember.

Prospects become customers for one reason or another. Customers become repeat customers because of the relationships that develop with the salespersons, quality of service, and trust. The only way to accomplish these attributes is to be there. You can constantly be in the state of always having to find new customers to pay your bills and live day-to-day, or you can grow your business by having a foundation of customers and clients that will be purchasing your products and services on an ongoing basis. Your new business builds on that base. The choice is yours.

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BeenThere Consulting Services is a sales coaching company. Coaching is more than training. We work with your specific sales needs in real-time. We address what is impacting your business now, while creating enhanced processes and developing skills for future success. Our promise is that you will have actionable take-a-ways after each meeting, which will increase your sales and benefit your business overall.

No one program fits every need. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of those who want to improve their sales.

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