June 11, 2024

Upselling is very difficult for many salespeople to execute. There are many reasons for this reality. In my opinion, the number one reason is because they are afraid of losing the entire sale, followed closely by they don’t want to be pushy. In reality, upselling should be a win-win for both the customer and the seller.

What is upselling? Thanks for asking. Upselling is when a seller is encouraging a customer to purchase a higher-end product and/or value-added options. A classic example is when checking into a hotel and you are asked if you would like to upgrade to a room with a better view or suite.  Another is when purchasing a computer and you are asked if you would like to add additional storage. In both scenarios you are being offered added value to something you are about to purchase.

What is not upselling? There was an article in The Wall Street Journal titled, Airlines Are Mastering the Dark Art of the Upsell. The author did an excellent job in the way the story was reported. I have no issue with the article’s author. My issue is with the airlines and what they are calling upsells.

With the goal of gaining the ability to get as many passengers on an airplane as possible, the airlines have been putting in more seats. They accomplish this by reducing the legroom between rows. The result is many customers are very uncomfortable. To make up for this airline’s created situation, they add seats with more available legroom and charge a fee for the additional legroom. Mind you, they did not reduce the fares when they took away the legroom.

For those of you who are flyers, you have already experienced other things that were once included in the price of your standard ticket, from checked baggage, to carryon’s, to light snacks. The airlines are offering bundles that they are referring to as upsells. An upsell is not a value-add when you take away benefits from your customer and turn around and sell it back to them, so they can fly more comfortably. They did fly more comfortably before the comforts and conveniences were taken away. This can be considered by some to be blackmail. It is not upselling

Upselling is a benefit and a choice. I had mentioned earlier that some salespeople are hesitant to offer an upsell for fear of being pushy or losing the sale. Both scenarios are possibilities if the upsell is not executed properly.

Executing an upsell correctly:

  • Work with your prospect to choose the product or service they need and is within their stated budget or in range of competitor’s prices.
  • When they have stated their intention to purchase from you, thank them, and at this time offer the upsell. “Would you like to add additional storage for only $X?” Would you like to add one more item for X% off of the price of that item?”

The reason this works is because you already have the sale in hand. They are not making a decision if they are going to purchase or not purchase. They had already made that decision. You are simply asking them if they want to increase their intended purchase with the value adds you are offering. If they decline those offers, you have a sale. If they accept them, you have a larger sale, and they have more benefits.

Ask for the order. Ask for the upsell. It is a win-win.



The other side of selling is buying. One of the largest buys many people will ever make is that of going to college. It is an expense/investment that is so great, graduates enter the workforce with tremendous debt. The government had to step in to relieve the pressure on so many.

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