June 3, 2024

I own a sales coaching company and I am a sales coach. After more than 40 years in corporate sales, I retired and then started BeenThere Consulting Services, LLC. I did this initially as a part-time initiative to help others in sales to become more successful faster. I am continually amazed and excited by how well it has been received and how fast the business has been growing and expanding. It is no longer a part-time effort; it is a full-time business with many clients and partners. I could not be happier.

In today’s world, the need for a social media presence is tough to overstate. I have the benefit of working with a few marketing companies. Each helping me in specific areas. One of these areas is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO will help me and my business to be discovered by search engines. The better my SEO practices, the higher I will place in a search. If you go back and read my previous newsletters and blogs, you will see my efforts in this area. The most recent issues were heavily ladened with inserted information designed to improve my visibility to search engines. I was not happy with how it looked or the blatant advertisements throughout. It just looked clumsy to me. But I pursued the path.

This is where you, the readers stepped in. I always am grateful for your feedback, and for you as followers of my writings and coaching offerings. Kamin Shah is a travel advisor and an Independent Franchise Owner of Cruise Planners®. He is a regular reader and client of mine. He attends the BeenThere Sales Coaching Hour every Wednesday at Noon Eastern Time via Zoom.

Kamin called me and said, “Phil, I love your content. I read it every week. However, it appears that there is a commercial inserted after every paragraph. I keep reading because as a regular reader, I know there is valuable content to come. I am concerned that others will just quit reading.” Kamin, I cannot thank you enough for caring enough to bring this to my attention. As you are reading this addition, you see that the past format is no longer being utilized.

I started this business to help others. That was and still is the primary reason for being in business. I cannot let marketing and operational processes get in the way of this mission. They must be complimentary, in proportion, and effective, but not a distraction.

Kamin, I am listening to you. For the most part, I have limited the SEO information to the end of this communication and focusing on the message. Listen to your customers.

Here are important reasons why?

  • Strong customer retention builds a solid foundation to build your business.
  • Your customers purchased from you in the first place because you had what they wanted or needed, and they trusted you. They offer you information because they want to keep doing business with you. Don’t miss the opportunity.
  • Your customer’s viewpoints often reflect the views of other customers and prospective future customers.
  • Your customers offer you a perspective you may not have considered.
  • Always be grateful for your customers.

Need a great travel advisor? Contact Kamin Shah at Cruise Planners®. He does much more than just set you up on great cruises. He will go out of his way to make all your vacations and business travel a memorable and affordable experience.

Kamin Shah – +1 443-353-9842  kamin.shah@cruiseplanners.com

About Phil Whitebloom

Phil has been in sales and sales leadership for over 40 years. He is a multiple award winner and has helped customers such Fortune 500 companies, U.S. and local governments, institutions of higher education, houses of worship, television/radio companies, and more. Along with his sales teams they have solved thousands of problems, and generated billions of dollars in revenue. He is also known as a strong leader, boasting diversity and employee retention. His company, BeenThere Consulting offers Mastermind group, one-on-one sales coaching, etc…Sales Coaching

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You Must Write a Book

Many of you have told me that you are thinking about writing a book. Some of you are in the process of writing. The questions I have for you are, “What do you want your book to do? How will you measure the success of your book?” If the answers to those questions are important to you, then you must learn from an expert, highly accomplished author, entrepreneur, and coach. My friend and mentor, Honorée Corder is that person. The first step is purchasing her series of books, and when you are ready, her courses. I have done this myself. I don’t know how I could have done it without them. Here are the links:



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