May 22, 2024

Sales Myth Busting

Not just an artist – Kate Manners was attending an ASPIE gallery opening where her paintings were prominently on display.





ASPIE is a nonprofit organization that empowers adults with cognitive and other  disabilities to become more self-sufficient. ASPIE provides special-needs artists with a virtual as well as a brick-and-mortar gallery in Lancaster, PA USA to display their work, which includes premium quality paintings, jewelry, woodwork, photography and other forms of art and craft.

Kate is not only an accomplished artist, but she is also an accomplished salesperson.

Phil Whitebloom who is a sales coach with BeenThere Consulting Services in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, is also an ASPIE co-founder and current board member.

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In watching Kate talk with the gallery visitors it became very apparent that in addition to her overwhelming joy and enthusiasm, she is a salesperson. Phil said that “Kate exhibited the best characteristics of a quality salesperson.”

Kate has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, mostly affecting her lower body, so she uses a wheelchair. Her fine motor control is somewhat impaired, and she has low vision. Kate primarily Creates acrylic pour paintings on canvas of various sizes and shapes. She has extended her canvases to include birdhouses and garden steppingstones. Kate has created over 300 paintings. In addition to her own creations, she takes on special requests from her client base and fan club.

Kate Manners, the salesperson (It’s all about the questions) – Here is the conversation between Phil and Kate:

Phil: “When you are talking with people, how does it start”?

Kate: “The way I like to start is by asking people, is there anything they like, what is their favorite color, what shape and size they need? Do they have any special events coming up because my paintings make great gifts.”

Phil: “What else do you ask them?”

Kate: “In addition to the colors you like, do you have family members that like specific colors?”

Phil told Charlie that he runs the risk of losing the prospect altogether. If the prospect is interested in meeting with him, he is interested now. Everyday Charlie delays in talking with the prospect, he runs the risk that the prospect could be meeting with competitors and may even decide to place an order before he meets with the prospect. Charlie needs to let his prospect know how appreciative he is for the opportunity to meet and to get it set up. Phil talks about these topics during the BeenThere Sales Coaching Hour which takes place every Wednesday at Noon Eastern Time. Learn more at

Kate overcomes objections – Objections are not an obstacle for Kate. She overcomes them by being accommodating and creative.

Phil: “What happens when somebody tells you they like what you have, but they don’t have any money with them?”

Kate: “That’s okay. You can take the art home and pay me later.”

Objection handling is a skill that encompasses almost the entire sales process within the process. Phil Whitebloom has written a book on objection handling. It will be published in September 2024. You can learn more about it and BeenThere Consulting Services at

Tenacity in selling – Selling is not for the faint of heart. Even though Kate sees that the person she is speaking with is not going to be a customer himself or herself, she finds another avenue.

Meet Chuck Manners. Chuck is Kate’s dad and along with her mom, they assist Kate in her studio and with logistics.

Chuck: “When an elderly person says that they don’t have any room in their house or they don’t want to add anything new, what do you say?”

Kate: “Maybe there are people in your retirement home, that could use the paintings.”

Chuck: “What about the younger people in their lives?”

Kate: “If you have children, grandchildren, or their friends, my pictures make great gifts.”

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The Close – There are many types of methods use to successfully turn a prospect into a customer. Kate uses the assumptive close. This is a close that simply assumes that the prospect is going to purchase the product or services, and the salesperson simply tells them what they need to do to take it home.

Phil: “When you have answered the questions and handled their objections, what do they usually do?”

Kate: “They usually take the painting. If they don’t have the money with them, they go home and come back to me with cash or a check.”

Phil: “When that happens, how do you feel?”

Kate: “It makes me feel very good inside, to know that I brought beauty into their world.”

Phil said, “As salespeople, we should all aspire to conclude a sale with that type of emotion.”

More from Chuck (Kate’s dad):

Kate’s salesmanship has always been remarkable to me because it is completely innate.  A few things I would note, in addition to the ability to overcome objections:

Through her engaging, conversational style, she builds relationships that are genuine and always seem more important than the business relationship.

She creates needs/wants in the minds of customers that didn’t necessarily exist when they first engaged (“maybe you need something for that new bathroom?”  “You mentioned your granddaughter’s birthday is coming up?”) etc.

She gets people to commit to future purchases (“Ok, you like that one but wish it had more purple in it.  No problem, I can make a couple like that with more purple next week.  Let’s schedule a time now for you to stop by and see which one you like the best.”).

Kate donates 50% of her total sales (topline) to charities.

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