Sales Coaching is a “real-time” activity. It is the heart of what makes us different. In a coaching environment, we meet with our clients on a recurring basis to set short and medium-term goals in order to achieve long-term sales objectives. In the first meeting, we meet with the executives to learn about all the relative parts of their business. This is to gain a deep understanding of the organization so all skills and program developments moving forward are customized to their specific situation.

The second meeting is with the sales team to review the company’s sales goals for the fiscal year and break that down into fiscal sub-periods. At the highest level, the topline revenue number will be communicated. If there are multiple products/service categories involved, a revenue target will be identified for each. During this meeting, we will hear from salespeople to learn how they operate on a regular basis, where they are successful, and where they need assistance. It does not matter if a salesperson is a new or a seasoned professional. Coaching will be done in such a way to be beneficial to all.

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The information above will be the foundation for all future meetings and activities. With the goals and objectives set, a sales plan is created, and implementation begins. Every meeting moving forward will focus on achieving the near and long-term sales objectives. We will reveal activities and results since the prior meeting. A discussion and evaluation of specific sales-related experiences and role play on how to address the next steps and/or what to do the next time a similar situation presents itself. Goals and activities will be agreed upon for review in the next meeting. This process will repeat for every meeting.

Adjustments will be recommended in real-time. There is no reason to continue with any activity or process that is not showing signs of being successful. For those activities that are successful, enhancements may be recommended to make them even more effective.

In the coaching process, “sales training” occurs “in the moment.” Skill development is tied directly to both the activities undertaken and the planned activities. This is highly effective as it is easier for the salespeople to comprehend the rationale and timing related to the subject matter and skills being discussed. It is in context.