Working with executives to create or modify a sales organization that will be structured effectively and efficiently to best drive sales. This could be an outside sales team, an inside sales team, or a combination. Pre and post-sales support is also addressed.

This also includes a review or creation of sales compensation plans that will be motivational for the salespeople while being cost-effective for the company.

Developing a sales activity tracking process is imperative if the company is to maintain and grow its business. It is preferable to utilize a CRM as the primary tool. Whatever tool is implemented, a mandatory process needs to be put into place where all customer activity is logged, next steps are identified and followed up on. It is not good enough for the salespersons to only utilize the information in the system. The management team and other departments need to work with this information on a very regular basis. As consultants, we will provide guidance on why this tool is important and how the information can be utilized to positively impact many different functions inside the company.