As an owner/executive, sometimes you are the sales manager, and sometimes you have sales manager(s) working for you. We are here to work with both environments. As in all positions, professional and skilled leaders produce positive results and get the most out of their teams. In return, your teams like what they do and who they are working for. This promotes long-term employee retention.

Sales managers have a multitude of responsibilities. They include some of or all the following: managing salespeople daily, visiting customers, attending management meetings, responding to crises, producing reports for management, forecasting, coordinating functions, working with other departments, conducting personnel reviews, hiring, firing, training, working excessive hours to keep up, writing emails, meeting with outside vendors and inside product groups, the list goes on. It can be quite overwhelming. At BeenThere Consulting Services, we have been there. We are prepared to help with priority setting and time management. We are there to assist with creating activities for the salespeople that drive success at the tactical level. We are there to assist with helping design a strategic program that is focused on successfully reaching corporate objectives. We are there as a safe place for the sales manager to discuss their most challenging situations and to assist them in reaching productive and positive resolutions. We are there to supplement their role as sales trainers by engaging with their individual salespeople to improve their skills and achieve the targets.