I met Phil at a networking lunch. He shared about his business, and then I knew that this is exactly what I needed! I am a very nice person, but when it comes to closing the sale, I feel defeated. Phil with BeenThere Consulting Services offers great tips and walks you through exactly how to approach a prospects. And what to say! I must say- it WORKS!! Thank you Phil!

Deanna Dovel

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I have known and worked with Phil Whitebloom for over 30 years. I am a trained Sales and General Management professional having worked at ATT, Sony, Cisco, Silicon Graphics, and now Intel. I was a Sales Instructor at ATT developing high performing sales and sales management content. I am currently President and General Manager of Intel Federal LLC. I worked directly with Phil at Sony Corporation and tracked his career since. Phil possessed all the basic skills to be a successful sales executive. He worked diligently to advance his career and continually learned and developed excellent selling skills and sales management expertise. I promoted Phil twice based on both performance and potential and he exceeded all expectations. He won the coveted Samurai award at Sony based on his performance. I followed Phil’s career since Sony and he has always exceeded expectations and goals. I highly recommend Phil to pass on those skills to future high performance teams in both sales and sales leadership. He has a passion and process for success and trust him implicitly.

Jim Brinker

President and General Manager, Intel Federal LLC, Intel Corporation

Phil has coached students in my marketing and sales classes many times. He has a good feel for coaching, he leverages a strong set of experiences, and he’s good to deal with as a colleague.

In terms of a feel for coaching, Phil is good at identifying key non-obvious issues that should be tackled. For example, in one situation our class was evaluating a salesperson’s lack of performance in selling new products. Phil helped students think about whether the sales performance was really a problem, or whether it was a symptom, as the company’s incentives did not reward efforts aimed at selling new products. Another area where Phil’s coaching has excelled is that he is good at challenging people in a constructive way. For example, I’ve seen Phil challenge students about whether an issue has been truly resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, and whether communications could be improved.

In terms of Phil’s experiences, he has worked for several companies, and his work has occurred in industries that were undergoing major changes. He often leverages these experiences to provide memorable on-target stories and examples. These stories sometimes demonstrate options for how to move forward, and sometimes demonstrate pitfalls that are lurking. For example, one story he told involved an unexpected supply shortage, resulting in an inability to meet delivery times as promised to all customers. He walked students through his team’s thought process and conversations about how to prioritize and deal with A-level customers, B-level customers, and C-level customers.

On the personal side of being a colleague, Phil is a good partner. He is practical and stays on task. He also has a good sense of humor and a sense of optimism that is motivational.

Bryan Lilly, Ph.D.

Marketing and Sales Professor, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

I am happy to provide a testimonial for my former colleague and manager Phil Whitebloom. During our time working together, I had the pleasure of witnessing his excellent leadership skills, work ethic, professionalism, and positive attitude.

Phil consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering high-quality work, and always went above and beyond to ensure that tasks were completed to the best of his abilities. He was reliable, dependable, and always willing to lend a hand to his colleagues when needed.

One of the things that I admired most about Phil was his positive attitude. He brought an infectious energy to the workplace, and always had a smile on his face, no matter how challenging the workday might have been. Their positivity was contagious, and it helped to create a great and successful working environment for all of us.

Overall, I highly recommend Phil Whitebloom as a valuable coach, mentor, and trusted advisor. His dedication, work ethic, and positive attitude make him an asset to any workplace and situation.

Mary Schoof

Senior Sales Director, Broadcast and Sports, Synamedia Video Networks

I was fortunate to start my professional sales career under Phil Whitebloom. Phil was not only a mentor to me in corporate America but also an incredible teacher in all the facets of sales. Phil understands and communicates the intricacies of the sales process all the way from mining leads to closing the sale. Everyone knew and remembered Phil because he understood the value and power of building relationships and moreover, truly cared about the individuals he connected with. We all start our careers in sales with hopes of being handsomely rewarded for what we do. Phil taught me how to properly work my plan to meet sales goals and maximize compensation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his knowledge and leadership.
Mr. Holly Myers