BeenThere Consulting Services is founded on the principle of helping others be successful in selling, leadership, managing others, and effective communications. Decades of experience working with thousands of people in a vast number of businesses and organizations have provided us with learning experiences we share with others, so they can benefit from the stories and skill set development provided by us and our subject matter expert partners.

Our Founder, Phil Whitebloom, began his leadership career even before entering the workplace. While in College at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, he was involved with the student activities organization. He was active as a committee member, committee chairperson, and vice president of the organization. With the help of excellent mentors, he learned how to run a small business, how to negotiate with real-world companies, and most of all, how to listen to others, encourage others, be a decision-maker, and lead by example.

After graduating college with a business degree, Phil went directly into sales. He stayed in that field for the next 40 years. He began as a salesperson and went on to supervisory roles, sales/business development/marketing management at the vice president level.

He is not only a multiple award-winning salesperson and manager, but he is proud of all the people he has managed and coached who have also won numerous awards, gone on to become leaders and executives, and achieved at the highest levels for themselves and their families

His employers include Lanier Business Products, NCR, Sony Electronics, and more. He has experience working not only for U.S.-based companies but also international companies from Japan, France, and Israel. He has represented products and service offerings from around the globe. His customers have included the White House, Department of Defense, NASA, professional sports teams, universities, houses of worship, Fortune 500 companies, systems integrators, resellers, communication giants, small and medium-sized businesses, and startups. The applications he has addressed are too numerous to cover on this page.

Phil is also a leader in the community, holding a leadership position in his religious organization, as a guest speaker/presenter, and as a teacher for more than 15 years at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in multiple classes and venues. He is the founder and board member of ASPIE (, a charity that helps high-functioning adults with autism become independent earners, and was a four-term president of the Howard Astronomical League.

The common theme amongst all of his experiences is that they are all focused on helping others. The next step in that journey is to continue the path through coaching.